rolling 8 deep
Guys, I think you’ve got mail!
Well yeah, but all the other nice guys are finishing in like second to last and stuff in front of you, so you just have a bunch of cool dudes to hang out with.
Josh (on nice guys always finishing last)
Jesus liked wine. Jesus made wine.
What is straight in this society? I like flowers but I like guys.
This is that pussy shit.
Jy (on Kyle’s quote)
: this is going in fucking tumblr. dunham is shitty titty mcgoo
Kyle (creating a Dunham quote)
What if hummus was what pussy made?
Sometimes I think Dunham is the UNPROJECT neighborhood house.
Hoegaarden sounds like a greenhouse full of bitches.
Ypsi is not a small town in Michigan, it is the relationships and friendships I have made with people from all over….the town is just the manifistation of what it means to be ‘home’ so even though I am in Ypsi, I still miss home a little too.